Free Wedding Thank You Printable

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Your wedding day is most likely be the best day of your life. While you will be marrying your best friend, that’s not the only reason it will the best day of your life. You will be surrounded by people that will make you feel SO much love! It’s truly incredible how your guests will make you feel on your big day. Some of your wedding guests will travel thousands of miles, spend money on hotel rooms, gifts, and so much more to show you their support. Trust me, once you are actually at your wedding & start to see this, you will wish you did everything in your power to make them realize how thankful you are for them being there.

One of the simplest ways you can make your wedding special for your guests is to add little notes in places to show them your appreciation. So… I wanted to share this FREE Wedding Thank You printable that I created for our wedding. You can put it up as a sign, add it as part of the place settings, or even feel free to get creative with it. It was such simple way to show our guests how much we appreciated them being there to celebrate with us!

Download this FREE Wedding Thank You Sign to show your wedding guests how much you appreciate them celebrating your big day with you

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Simple Instructions:

  • The image will print two per 8×11″ sheet of paper, so make sure you consider that before printing to make sure you don’t end up with doubles
  • Make sure to only print one-sided
  • Once it’s printed, you’ll just want to eyeball & trim down the middle. Feel free to trim the edges to your liking. The good news is that these don’t have to be perfect!

There you have it! A really easy & inexpensive thank you for all your wedding guests.

DIY S’more Wedding Favors + Free Label Printable

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Let’s talk wedding favors today. Since brides (& grooms) are always trying to stay within budgets, there are naturally so many articles about areas where you can cut costs for your wedding. One of the things that always makes the list is cutting your wedding favors. Despite what these articles say, I truly believe that wedding favors are a must. It’s a simple way to thank your guests for coming to celebrate with you, some of which probably went way out of their way to attend your special day. Besides, wedding favors don’t have to be expensive, they are a perfect example of the old saying it’s the thought that counts.

Insert inexpensive fun favor…. S’mores! You can do s’mores in so many fun ways & the only thing you need to have is a bon fire or some sort of roasting area. Today I want to share with you a really easy s’more favor idea & it even includes a free printable for your labels!


Check out these easy DIY S'more favors + Free Label Printable. All you need to have s'mores at  your wedding is a bon fire or roasting area!

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  1. Count out how many labels you will need & print on your white or ivory card stock (labels will print 6 to a page, so keep that in mind when figuring out how many pages you will need)
  2. Using your paper trimmer and/or scissors, cut out your printed labels
  3. Use your hole punch to punch holes in the top of the labels (hint: you can do more than one at a time so it’s a little faster)
  4. Now.. since we don’t want your s’mores to go stale, you’ll want to wait to make them until the day before or even 2 days before the wedding. In the meantime, you can start gathering your supplies (psst… this is actually helpful to do the day or 2 before the wedding because  you will have a lot of people offer to help, so it will take much less time!)
  5. In each favor, you will put enough for 2 s’mores (2 marshmallows, 1 whole hershey bar broken in 2 & 4 graham cracker halves), so you’ll want to start by breaking the graham crackers & chocolate bars in half
  6. Lay your graham cracker pieces down flat in the bottom of the cello bag, add the chocolate on top & then the two marshmallows side by side
  7. Pinch just above the marshmallows & use your twist tie to close the bag & adhere the label

That’s it! It’s super easy & really fun to put together!

Here are a few additional tips:

  • Although you shouldn’t actually put the s’mores together too far in advance, you can gather your supplies & get your labels ready early so the process of putting them together goes much smoother
  • Make sure to buy extra chocolate & graham crackers. They tend to break in a not so pretty way when you’re breaking them in half, so have extras on hand.
  • Use this as a fun bonding experience with your bridal party & guests a day or two before your wedding. So many people will offer to help, and it will make them feel good if they can be involved, so take advantage!

If you like these labels, but want to customize them to say your names (like in the photos), check out our listing on etsy here

What are some s’more ideas you have seen at weddings? See what I did there… Leave a comment below!



Wedding & Party Table Numbers + Free Printable

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One of my favorite things about wedding planning was learning all the really easy paper crafts, such as these table numbers. I found my inspiration on Style Me Pretty. This baby shower paired with the Goddess by Nature Signature Collection dresses played a huge role in the inspiration for our wedding. After finding the inspiration, I was on a mission to create our table numbers.

Make Your Own Wedding & Party Table Numbers + Free Printable

Let me show you how you can achieve the look too!



  1. Download the free printable below & print on your ivory cardstock paper. Make sure to only print as many numbers as you have tables. The printable will print 2 to a page horizontally.

Wedding & Party Table Numbers + Free Printable

2. Once you have your printed numbers, cut out the table numbers on the solid pink line using your paper trimmer to make sure you cut them straight. You can use scissors if you’d like, your lines will just not be as perfectly straight.

3. Measure your pink paper to 4.4″ x 4.4″ & use your paper trimmer to cut accordingly

4. Apply small amounts of your paper glue to the back of the ivory table number cut out. I usually do a solid line around the border & then use a zig zag pattern to fill in the middle. Adhere it to the pink paper.

5. Measure your gold paper to 9″H x 4.5″W & use your paper trimmer to cut accordingly. You should be able to get two table numbers out of each sheet of 8″ x 11″ paper.

6. Fold gold paper in half hamburger style (I think that’s horizontally).

7. Similar to the above, apply a small amount of paper glue to the back of the pink paper in a zig zag format & adhere to the folded gold paper. Make sure the table number is facing upwards when applying so it doesn’t end up up-side down 🙂

There you have it… table numbers for your wedding or next party!

Make Your Own Wedding & Party Table Numbers + Free Printable

Make Your Own Wedding & Party Table Numbers + Free Printable

If you don’t want to DIY your own table numbers but love the look, check out our Table Number listing on Etsy here

As always, you can find more inspiration from our wedding on Our Wedding Pinterest board here

What kind of event would you use these table numbers for? Would love to hear in the comments below!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor – A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

It’s so hard to believe that Nick & I have been married for more than 7 months already! It’s absolutely insane how quickly the time flies. I’m not lying when I tell bride to be’s to cherish every moment of your engagement & wedding planning, it truly flies!

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Anyways, I’ve been wanting to share a full view of our wedding since.. oh, I don’t know… we got married! So sit back & enjoy the most amazing day of our lives…. if only we could do it all over again! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did 🙂

Ps- A lot of the decorations can be (& were) DIYed. I am planning to share of lot of these tutorials, but please let me know if there are any projects you’d like to see by commenting below.

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!


Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!Simple Elegant Wedding Decor - A Barn, Sequin Table Cloths & More!

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Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

Since Nick & I recently got married and I’m having a lot of fun sharing some of the great ideas that came to life during our wedding planning, I had to share this Bridal Shower Countdown idea, which I owe all the credit to my Maid of Honor! #bestmohever

Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

She wanted to do something a little more thoughtful than the conventional bridal shower gift. So what did she do??? She shipped a box of pre-wrapped gifts to my apartment and had Nick act as her little elf. She had arranged for Nick to give me one of these pre-wrapped (and labeled) gifts each day during the week leading up to the shower. All of her gifts were incredibly cute and thoughtful! Here are the gifts she used and some links to where you can purchase (Let me apologize in advance for the photos, they were really early on in my ideas for the blog, so they are far from visually appealing. But I couldn’t help bur share this awesome idea!) :

Essie nail polish to match our theme colors (here & here)….
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

The CUTEST coffee mug ever! (here)….
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

One of my favorite wines from a local winery in her home town (you can learn more about them here)…
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

Fabulous Kate Spade earrings (here)…
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

A fun bottle of bubbly for celebrating….
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

Alex and Ani friendship (here) & initial bangles (here)….
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

Monogram necklace with my new initials (here). You will see me sporting this at our wedding reception in future blog posts! I also really love this large one (here).
Glitter your Dash: Bridal Shower Countdown Gifts

SUCH an awesome idea! It definitely made me feel extra special!!

What are some of your favorite wedding gifts, given or received??


An Easy Guide to Your Wedding Savings Account

You guys have heard me preach how helpful it was for us to keep our wedding monies in a savings account dedicated solely to wedding money(if you haven’t, check out my Wedding Budget Template post), but I wanted to share specifically how helpful we thought using the Capital One 360 account was. Before I dive in, I want you to know that this post is not sponsored in anyway, I just truly felt the Capital One 360 account was extremely helpful & would be doing a disservice to all of you if I didn’t share.

An Easy Guide to your Wedding Savings Account

In addition to the budget document, we used a Capital One 360 Savings account to keep our wedding funds. It worked out well because you can link your checking account (no matter what bank you use) for easy deposits & withdrawals. A few things I liked about the savings account through Capital One 360:

  • Acted as a “safe” savings account. Since it wasn’t easily accessible when logging into the Chase app & it look a few days for the money transfers to go through, it was out of sight enough to limit temptations.
  • Interest rates are higher than most banks. Even though interest is nothing to write home about (unless you have millions, which is not us!), it did help to get a little kickback from the money we were putting in.
  • You can set up automatic deposits based on pay schedules. This was SUPER helpful for us! My pay schedule is totally different from Nick’s. Since we were both contributing to this account, it was really easy to set up automatic payments that worked for each of us.
  • Gave us a place to store any money from family or gifts. Since all people handle their budgets a little differently, it was really helpful for us to have one place to house wedding money for all parties involved. It let anyone who wanted to contribute budget the way they needed without interfering with the overall wedding funds.

Although you could really do this with any savings account, it’s helpful & safer to have it out of sight so you don’t feel like you have more money than you actually do. The absolute last thing you want to do is come up short on wedding day!

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One last tip…. Pair your Capital One 360 account with the Wedding Budget Template & update it each time funds move in or out of the account to help you “balance your budget”, kind of like people used to balance their checkbooks (pre-digital age).


Now that wedding planning is over, we use our Capital One 360 account to budget for all kinds of things. Bills, vacation, emergency funds, etc.


What kinds of things have you used your Capital one 360 account for? Have you found other ways to save for big life events? Comment below!


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7 Ways to Keep Fresh Flowers on A Budget

Yikes! We’ve been having a major cool down here in Chicago, which is making me all the more anxious for Spring! Even though the weather has been wacky as all get up, fresh flowers are an easy way to achieve a springtime feel in our homes.

Poor fresh flowers. They are so beautiful & add so much life to our homes, but they often get a bad rep. They’re too expensive, they die too quickly, they’re too much maintenance, etc. etc. Well today I’m hoping to get rid of some of the worries with dealing with live flowers!

7 Ways to Keep Fresh Flowers on a Budget


Here are a few tips on how you can keep fresh flowers in your home for less than $20 a month. I don’t know about you, but that’s a budget I can live with if it brings cheer to our home!

  1. Buy from your local grocery. You guys! Nick laughs at me because I LOVE fresh flowers, but I’m such a cheapskate and only buy the $5 bouquet at our local grocery. They last almost two weeks and add just enough life to the kitchen so that washing dishes isn’t so miserable! Lucky for me, the $5 bouquets are usually spray roses & ever since we got married I have a weird love for spray roses.
  2. Buy seasonal. Don’t buy the peonies in September, you’re always going to pay an arm & a leg! Get them in the Spring when they are in season & much cheaper. I won’t lie… I love peonies & tulips and they are only around for a short while, so I have to get them when they are in season (still from the grocery store).
  3. Use the packet to make them last longer. This should be a no-brainer, but some people don’t do it. When you get your new flowers, make sure you put the packet of flower food in the water, it really helps to keep them bright & cheery much longer.
  4. Cut stems on an angle. This will help the flowers absorb the water without being stuck against the bottom of the vase & in turn last longer!
  5. Make sure leaves don’t sit in the water. This one is HUGE! I learned this when I helped put together the flower arrangements for one of my best girlfriend’s weddings with her mom & the garden club. This changed my relationship with fresh flowers forever! When the leaves sit in the water, they grow mold & kill the flowers extremely quick. To prevent it, simply trim or tear off the leaves that are low on the stem. That’s it! It’s that easy.
  6. Top off the water regularly. Make sure you’re not starving your flowers! To make the plant food stretch farther, just top off the water instead of replacing it.
  7. Buy a vase that matches your decor. This will help you stay inspired to pick up the flowers when you make your trip to the grocery store.

I hope this has helped cure some of your fears of dealing with fresh flowers. It really does help a sense of calm to your home, not to mention Spring!

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Welcome Spring in Your Home with Greenery

Have you been feeling the Spring itch? Man, have I ever been feeling it. I had the Spring cleaning itch a few weeks ago & now I’m just craving something green & lush & living in our home. So… I wanted to share some of my favorite finds so you can add some greenery to your home to help scratch that Spring itch 🙂

Welcome Spring with Greenery

boxwood wreath // white pot // hanging planter // blue vase // white terrarium

What types of greenery have you added to cure your Springtime itch? Share in the comments below!

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Download Your FREE Wedding Vendor Template

Hi everyone!! Hope your week is going well! I’m glad to be back in the swing of getting into your inbox a few times a week 🙂


We’re about halfway through our Free Wedding Planning Template series. By the end of the series, you should have a complete library of Wedding Planning Templates to make sure your dream wedding becomes a reality! So onto today’s template…. The Vendor Contact List! 


Vendor Contact Form


download vendor contact button
This is something I wish I would have started right at the beginning of planning our wedding. I started this document because I was constantly looking up our vendor information in emails and contracts. Learn from my mistake & start using this template early in the planning process. Once you sign a contract, enter all the contact information in this document to have as a phonebook for each of your vendors & their contact info. Easy peasy! If you are planning to have a day of wedding coordinator, they will need this the day of the wedding in case there are any issues with vendors running late, etc.


The template itself is pretty easy to use. You just populate the task, vendor, contact person & their contact information. You can also add comments for each vendor. As a guide, I left some of our different vendors listed. As always, feel free to adjust as you need but this will give you a starting point to keep track of your own wedding vendors.


Happy planning!


vendor contact form pinnable

A Little Update on Life & Photos of Our New Apartment

Thank you all for baring with me this past month (gosh- I can’t believe it was that long!) as we got tried to get our lives together! So much has happened since I last wrote to you all.

For starters, we moved into a new apartment, there was a re-org at my day job & I’m working towards a promotion, and our poor little pup started battling food allergies & it’s been quite the process so far! On top of that, I really felt like my life was slipping out of control & needed to take some time to get things in order. I just didn’t expect it to take quite so long!

For the past month, we’ve really focused on getting out new place organized. I’m convinced that every item needs a home in order to keep it organized. Nick’s been laughing at me because my new favorite aisle at Target is the basket aisle. There’s still so much to do, but we’re getting there! With that said, I wanted to share some pictures of our new place. I’m also planning to share some organizing must-haves, but that will have to be in a future post. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of our new apartment. We love that it’s so much bigger & much more open. We also LOVE the loft look. There are some things I would change if we owned, but will just have to get creative with decorating a rental 🙂

When you enter, there’s a small entry way- those of you that follow me on Instagram have already seen some of the updates we’ve made in the entryway. From the entryway, you can either turn left into the main bathroom, walk straight into the spare bedroom or walk down this beautiful long hallway.


If you walk straight, you’ll see this bedroom… Both bedrooms have this beautiful brick wall, which we absolutely love! thumb_DSC_0097_1024

If you walk left, you’ll run into the spare bathroom. Here is the master bath, but with the exception of the shower it’s identical to the spare bath.


This is the shower & linen “closet” that I despise- I need to come up with something creative for that space! Unfortunately, both bathrooms have this “closet”.thumb_DSC_0101_1024

If you keep walking down the hall, you can either turn left into our bedroom or keep going straight to the kitchen/living room. The kitchen is on the right & living room on the left.


Here’s the view of the kitchen from the living room. It’s very open concept, which we love! Ignore the boxes & random items, we were obviously mid move when I took this photo. I needed the natural light!


The living room is just across from the kitchen. It is such a beautiful space- by far our favorite room in the place. The kitchen is behind me in this picture. Notice that none of the windows are blocked by another building. This is our first time in the city where we don’t have someone staring in our windows. SO excited for the sunlight & privacy!


Only negative- this award wall. We currently have our TV stand on the right side of this wall. Struggling with what to do on the left side. A few thoughts: a little breakfast nook with a bench or an armoire as a bar with glasses & additional storage. I would love to hear any suggestions you have for this space in the comments!


Here’s our view from the balcony. Can’t wait to add some greenery when it gets tiny bit warmer.


Last view of the living room…


As I mentioned, those of you that follow me on Instagram have already seen some of the updates. I would love to hear any design ideas you have in the comments- especially for that awkward wall in the living room. That one still has me stumped!




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